Training Videos for the Sawing and Drilling of Concrete

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ABC Concrete Cutting, Inc developed their training videos several years ago in an effort to make sure all of their new employees were exposed to the consistent training materials. We relied on the collective experience of our employees to write the scripts for the videos. The training videos were professionally video taped and edited. They are television quality productions containing information not available anywhere else.

ABC Concrete Cutting, Inc has sold hundreds of the videos from coast to coast to concrete cutting contractors, tool rental companies, diamond blade manufacturers, labor union training facilities along with electrical and plumbing contractors. The videos are available in either VHS or DVD formats.

If you have ever been frustrated with your employees in their efforts to use diamond tools, you owe it to yourself to give this video training a try. ABC Concrete Cutting, Inc completes over two thousand jobs a month during the summer months. This is an inexpensive way to capitalize on their experience.

Each video comes with the script and a short test so you can see if your employees have an understanding of the material.

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1. The Basics of Core Drilling - This video addresses the following procedures: $79.00

  • Mounting the drill with both anchors and vacuum pads
  • Attaching the bit to the coring machine
  • Explains how much water to use while drilling
  • How you know when you are through the slab
  • How to remove the core from the core bit

2. The Basics of Flat Sawing I - This video addresses the following procedures: $79.00

  • Mounting the blade to your floor saw
  • Blade safety
  • Dangers on continuing to cut when you see red slurry
  • How to determine proper depth of cut without destroying your blade or damaging conduit in the sub grade.
  • Importance of checking oil, greasing the saw along with other daily maintenance needs.

Flat sawing is used when construction requires only a portion of a concrete slab be removed. Sawing provides a clean edge ideal for trenches for new plumbing or electrical lines. It is also ideal when removing only damaged portions of roadways or parking areas. ABC Concrete Cutting, Inc currently has the ability to saw concrete up to 30” thick.

3. The Basics of Flat Sawing II - This video addresses the following topics: $79.00

  • Selecting the correct blade for the material you are cutting
  • Clear discussion of what causes undercutting with great visuals
  • What to do when you encounter heavy reinforcing and difficult aggregates
  • Changing drive belts
  • How to adjust the pointer to insure you are cutting straight
  • Carbon monoxide concerns

4. The Basics of Wall Sawing - This video discusses important procedures: $79.00

  • How to set up and operate a Longyear/Cushion Cut/Dimas 360 wall saw
  • Addresses common safety concerns
  • Field maintenance
  • Cutting an opening in a wall

5. Job Site Procedures - This video is designed for employees of subcontractors and discusses: $79.00

  • Using humor, this video explains what to do before, during and after arriving at your customer’s job site.
  • Includes keeping track of your tools so they do not get misplaced or stolen.

6. Silicosis -This is an area of concern with OSHA in the construction industry. This video gives tips to construction workers on how to minimize exposure when sawing and core drilling. $79.00

  • Discussing the importance of using water when sawing
  • Discusses the importance of keeping your clothes clean
  • Washing your hands prior to eating and drinking.
  • How to properly clean your tools to minimize exposure

7. The Basics of Hand Held Core Drilling - This video explains and clearly shows how easy it is to overload and burn up these expensive tools. $79.00

  • Utilizing an amp meter the video clearly shows how easy it is to overload hand held core drills when operators exceed their capabilities. This video is a must if any of your employees have ruined these tools that cost a $1000.00 each.

8. The Basics of the Gas Hand Saw - Gas hand saws are one of the most versatile tools on construction sites. Two cycle hand saws also require daily maintenance to keep running. This video discusses the following: $79.00

  • Basic maintenance
  • Importance of keeping your air filter clean
  • Basic trouble shooting

9. Buy The Entire Set And Save! - "The Basics of Core Drilling", "The Basics of Flat Sawing I", "The Basics of Flat Sawing II", "The Basics of Wall Sawing", "Job Site Procedures", "Silicosis Safety", "Hand Held Core Drilling", "Gas Powered Hand Saw Training" $474.00