Concrete Boot Installation for Manholes

Call us with the pipe type and sizes and we will drill the holes and bring the pipe connectors.

In several parts of the country where temperatures can be come cold and snowy, sanitary sewer connections require a rubber boot to allow some flexibility.

But in Sunny South Florida, we don’t need to worry about that we just “mud it in”. The use of a cementitious patch with a trowel seals the pipe penetration. At the end of day, you have several choices to make that hole in the concrete structure. You can cut by hand with a gas quick cut. You can line drill it with a small core drill. Or you can call us and get the correct size hole cut to reduce the level of difficulty in sealing the pipe to the sanitary structure whether it be a manhole or box. We can drill through even with an invert and make for a nice clean installation. We have several size bits to accommodate your pipe sizes.

If you are looking for a rectangular opening, we also have the necessary tools to accommodate that request as well.

Call us today to schedule us out to make your penetrations. We can complete them in an appropriately safe excavation or above grade before you set.

The EPA requires watertight connections for all sewer connections containing waste water. This includes pipe connections to concrete structures of various shapes. Therefore, ABC Concrete Cutting provides a rubber boot that will ensure a watertight connection between the concrete structure and the sewer pipe.

Our office stocks a large quantity of Kor-n-Seal boots in a variety of sizes to meet your needs. This style of boot can be installed with a simple socket set; with that, the stainless steel hardware is prepared to last a lifetime.


Small Pipe Selection Guide (Diameter 6"- 18"):


Large Pipe Selection Guide (Diameter: 15"- 50"):

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