Joint Savers

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Reestablish Joint Integrity with the Joint-Saver

Loose, rocking, spalled joints and cracks slow down your entire operation. They also damage material handling equipment and can cause injury and tipped loads. The Joint-Saver® is a fast, cost-effective fix.

Now available in threes sizes, the SD5, SD6 and SD7 Joint-Savers can accommodate a greater range of floor thicknesses. You can eliminate damaging deflection and restore

smooth, positive load transfer at all joints

and cracks - permanently.

The Joint-Saver has also been proven in cold environments and can withstand large temperature swings.Be fast, efficient and more profitable - the way it was originally planned - by repairing your floors with the Joint-Saver.

Joint-Saver Benefits:

  • Restore positive load transfer at joints.
  • Joint-Saver installs quickly with very little downtime.
  • Immediately increases productivity while decreasing vehicle maintenance and downtime.
  • Cost effectively lowers the risk of accidents, injuries, and damaged products.
  • Increases profitability by improving operations efficiency while lowering maintenance and reducing management costs.

"We go through about 20 load wheels per month just due to the floor."

"Add in two bearings per load wheel and possibly switches, springs, bump stops and other related parts that are affected by the constant hard jolting of the lift vehicle," says H. Lee Williams, Pep Boys NY/DC Facilities Manager, Maintenance

Department. "Plus you have to factor in the 1/2 hour of labor that it takes to repair each vehicle and the lost productivity of the operator while the lift is down."