Not a toy – rather, a powerful time saver.

Multiple bucket sizes and concrete breaker attachments are available to meet any job’s requirements. If you need, we can also provide the manpower to excavate, remove spoils, backfill, and install concrete. The 220/480 volt electric motor conveniently plugs into our trucks or your facilities’ power and will dig to a depth of 5 feet and fit through a 34” wide doorway. This tool can be a huge time-saver for your project.


Mini Excavator Florida

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If you have a project within a hospital, shopping mall or any occupied structure where fumes are a problem, call for a quote and ask for our fume-free electric tools.

These electric tools will dig to a depth of 5 feet yet will fit through a 34" wide doorway. There are no diesel fumes and no noise. These excavators look like a large toy, but they are powerful time savers. We also believe they will out dig any crew of six men digging in the hardest of sub grade materials. They are powered by 480 Volt electric motors that conveniently plug into our trucks or your facility's power.

Electric sawing and concrete removal was the cleanest and safest way to remove the concrete from the basement of this Hospital. 

This excavated trench dimensions were: 85' x 6' with an average depth of 4'.


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