Concrete Breaking and Removal
Our heavy equipment can reduce costs.

Concrete Removal Florida

Concrete typically weighs 150 pounds per cubic foot. In order to safely move pieces of concrete, it usually requires powerful equipment to cut, break, and move.  Since we have the ability to remove large pieces, we can typically reduce cutting costs.

Along with concrete sawing, ABC Concrete Cutting, Inc began removing concrete years ago. We recently removed over 1.2 million pounds of concrete by using entirely electric tools. The use of electric tools eliminated carbon monoxide fumes and minimized the noise. Sawing also eliminated any vibration normally associated with concrete removal. This was important because the Medical Center is a huge complex with nearly 5 million square feet of building, 17,000 employees and 1.5 million people a year using the facility. It was important to complete this work without disturbing ongoing operations.


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With more than four decades of experience, ABC Concrete Cutting is the go-to company that provides concrete cutting, the most efficient and fastest alternative to the jackhammer. ABC Concrete Cutting can help meet your needs in the Asphalt, Block, Brick, or Concrete demolition work which includes cutting, sawing, drilling, coring, grinding, polishing, and other specialty services in South Florida, Indiana, Alabama, and Georgia.